New BlackBerry Smartphone Simulators Available!


We had so many BlackBerry® Smartphone Simulators added to the BlackBerry Developer Zone last week, that the news was too much to be contained within our weekly BlackBerry Developer Resource Fridays post – they’ve busted out into their own post.  We have the different simulators listed by BlackBerry Device Software and model type for reference, but you can find them all at the link below:

BlackBerry Developer Zone BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator Page

BlackBerry Device Software v5.0.0

Model Theme Language Java Apps Version
9700 Generic Multi-Lang
9700 Generic East Asia
9700 ATT Multi-Lang

BlackBerry Device Software v4.6.1

Model Theme Language Java Apps Version
8520 Generic Multi-Lang

BlackBerry Device Software v4.6.0

Model Theme Language Java Apps Version
9000 TIM Multi-Lang

BlackBerry Device Software v4.5.0

Model Theme Language Java Apps Version
8820 ATT Multi-Lang
8320 ATT Multi-Lang
8310 ATT East Asia
8310 ATT Multi-Lang
8110 ATT Multi-Lang
8110 ATT East Asia
8100 ATT Multi-Lang
8120 ATT Multi-Lang
8300 ATT Multi-Lang
8700 ATT Multi-Lang
8800 ATT Multi-Lang
8130 Verizon Multi-Lang
8330 Verizon Multi-Lang
8830 Verizon Multi-Lang
8100 TIM Multi-Lang
8120 TIM Multi-Lang
8300 TIM Multi-Lang
8310 TIM Multi-Lang
8700 TIM Multi-Lang
8800 TIM Multi-Lang
8800 Rogers Multi-Lang
8820 Rogers Multi-Lang
8830 Generic Multi-Lang
8130 Generic Multi-Lang
8330 Generic Multi-Lang

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  • Brent

    Will the ATT simulaters reflect the real life at&t service?

    Thank you,

  • Smartphone-Guy

    Very helpful, thanks. How big do you think the new BlackBerry app store will be?

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