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We are very excited to unveil two new community programs during our BlackBerry Developer Day at Mobile World Congress 2010 App Planet, as both programs demonstrate our ongoing commitment and focus to an active and vibrant global BlackBerry® developer ecosystem.

Want to meet other BlackBerry developers in your city? We held a special session on this topic during our annual BlackBerry Developer Conference and the enthusiastic response was loud and clear.   Together we are building a global network of local BlackBerry Developer Groups!

Members of BlackBerry Developer Groups will benefit from participation in a local community with shared interests in learning, networking and support, will receive regular platform and program updates from RIM, and have access to exclusive discounts for developer certification exams and select BlackBerry developer events and conferences.

We are also making an open call to hear about existing developer groups focused on BlackBerry so that  we can extend these benefits to them – and for passionate developers who would like to become BlackBerry Developer Group Managers. Managers will have access to more benefits including membership in a worldwide community of BlackBerry Developer Group Managers, monthly update conference calls with RIM, eligibility for rewards via the BlackBerry Developer Recognition Program, and additional discounts on certification exams, conferences and more.

Visit to contact us about your existing group or volunteer to create a new group.  As we add local developer groups we will be promoting the groups for other BlackBerry developers to find.

Are you a BlackBerry Developer Community Builder? We are also launching a formal program to recognize the outstanding efforts of the BlackBerry developer community and reward community builders!

There are two ways to be recognized – contributing to BlackBerry Developer Zone through participation in the BlackBerry Developer Community Support Forums or the BlackBerry Developer’s Blog and by supporting local community development including running a successful local BlackBerry Developer Group.

Don’t wait!  Visit to find out more about the BlackBerry Developer Recognition Program – and please keep up the great efforts in contributing to the community.  Participate and be recognized!

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  • Matthias Marquardt

    Probably I am just blind – but I can't find information about the different levels of the Developer Recognition Program – of course I can see the different rewards… but my question is going more into the direction what a community member have to do in order to archive a certain level. Would be very kind if somebody could guide me to a direction where this information can be found. TIA

  • JCarty

    I'd like to know the answer to this question too. I notice that I am Developer I … but what is necessary to move up the ladder?

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  • modular homes

    Please refer to the new eligibility information below. … The purpose of the Staff Recognition and Development Program!

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