MWC 2010 Follow Up: Interview with Adobe’s Serge Jespers


Last week in Barcelona, Spain, Adobe took part in the Mobile World Congress 2010 BlackBerry Developer Day keynote, demoing new tools to aid BlackBerry application development. I had a chance to sit down with Adobe Evangelist Serge Jespers, who took part in the keynote demos, for a brief chat. You can find our discussion about the partnership between Research In Motion and Adobe below. Enjoy!

Who are you and what is your role at Adobe?

I am an Adobe® Platform Evangelist and longtime Flash enthusiast. For more than 10 years I’ve been working with Flash to develop award-winning online experiences, including projects for Belgium’s largest media company in support of numerous TV shows such as Idols, Big Brother, and Miss Belgium. I became an Adobe certified freelance Flash designer/developer in 2004 and joined Adobe in 2007.

I believe you can do virtually anything with Adobe Flash®, and I’m eager to prove it. Born and raised in Belgium, I currently live near Antwerp when I’m not traveling all over Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) to spread the word about AIR, Flash, and Flex.

Tell us a little about what you previewed at the App Planet BlackBerry Developer Day keynote

At App Planet we demoed some of the new workflows between Adobe’s creative tools and both the BlackBerry® and Adobe development environments. With the new BlackBerry plug-in for Adobe Illustrator® version X, it’s incredibly easy to create assets for different screen sizes. It also simplifies the designer’s communication with the developer as he only needs to import one file in to the BlackBerry application development environment he’s comfortable with. We’ve also demoed how you can soon build Flash based applications for BlackBerry® smartphones. With Flash Player support coming to BlackBerry smartphones later this year, this opens up a whole new world for Flash Developers and for BlackBerry users. With Adobe Device Central, developers can emulate their Flash based applications without even owning all the different BlackBerry smartphones. They can also use Adobe Device Central to test and tweak different screen resolutions and test the application as if it was running on the smartphone. A future version of Adobe Device Central will even allow you to test features like the accelerometer and multi-touch.

Tell us why this exciting for developers and designers. How will it make their lives easier?

Designers speak in pixels and developers speak in code. By providing tools like the ones we showed at App Planet, designers and developer almost speak the same language. The tools also make it easier for the designer to create graphic assets that look great on all BlackBerry smartphones and make it easier for developers to use those creative assets in the environments they feel most comfortable in. I’m also really excited to see the Flash Player coming to BlackBerry smartphones later this year. This is going to open up a whole new market for Flash Developers.

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