Enhancements to the BlackBerry Developer Forums


Since we updated the BlackBerry Support Community Forums a year and a half ago, we have watched both the number of posts and participants increase dramatically.  In just 18 months, our community has created over 95,000 posts on the forums across all of the different topic boards.  One of my favorite features of the forums is giving kudos, which we report on the blog to highlight the key contributors.  Developers have given out over 7,000 kudos to recognize these key forums contributors for a job well done!

One of the key aspects to a successful community forum is ensuring that experts from Research In Motion (RIM) are on the boards answering questions, capturing feedback and helping to kick start conversations. We’ve had some really phenomenal employee participation on the forums.  Mark Sohm in particular has done a fantastic job in all three of these areas and I know that many forum participants will know his name well.

However, with the number of posts continuing to increase dramatically, we are looking to the community to help us better participate in the conversation.  To that end, I am very pleased to announce that we have created a new mechanism in our Developer boards to allow existing super users to “escalate” key posts that they feel need a response from RIM.  This provides RIM with an opportunity to recognize the contributions of these super users but also helps to ensure that RIM is responding to all of the important posts.

Please join me in thanking each of our top contributors for their help in the forums and their willingness to help ensure that continued success of the BlackBerry Support Community Forums.

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    […] RIM’s official support forums are growing at a pretty fast pace, they are slowly adding features to handle the growth. They first added the Kudos feature where members can recognize key contributors. Now they have added the ability for “super users” to escalate forum threads to RIM’s attention. […]

  • rsweny

    Is the search box for the Java forum missing by mistake now?

  • JSanders

    Yes, that is a mistake and hopefully will be fixed soon. You can find the search box on the main forums page, as well as the Developer section page.

  • Amber

    Hello Developers!

    I have to say you guys have done an excellent job! I do have a request though, and I was hoping to see it come up. Simply put, more tools available to students. You have some great apps for multiple students out there and I understand the apps are more for entertainment, but I feel tools are key to consistant app users and it would allow for more use on the apps. For example, a statics app would be amazing and so useful for my everyday life.

    Thanks guys!

  • Anonymous

    which are the new technology used in blackberry

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