BlackBerry WebKit Browser Preview at Mobile World Congress!


One of my favorite aspects of Mike Lazaridis’ keynote today at Mobile World Congress 2010 was the preview of our upcoming WebKit browser. We have been talking about the upcoming WebKit browser since Jim Balsillie announced it at the BlackBerry Developer Conference in November, so being able to share it with you – the developer community – feels great.

For everyone who wasn’t able to attend today, we’ve embedded the WebKit demo video above for your viewing pleasure. As you can see in the video, we’ve adapted WebKit to take advantage of the incredible efficiency of the BlackBerry platform and it shows. With the new browser, pages load quickly and dynamic markup like Javascript and AJAX are fast and responsive. With improved panning and zooming it creates a seamless end user experience. The video showcases how the new browser delivers the web with full fidelity on your BlackBerry smartphone. All of this comes with full standards interoperability as shown by the 100/100 score on the ACID3 test.

As part of his App Planet keynote, Mr. Lazaridis also showcased some of the upcoming capabilities that will be supported by the new browser including:

  • HTML 5
  • CSS3
  • DOM L3

Not only will the new browser support all of these web technologies but we are excited to confirm that it will also support two Widget standards – BlackBerry Widgets and JIL Widgets.

This substantial step forward with WebKit and our platform efficiency will enable content developers to create robust applications for both the Web and Widget development models. This browser will deliver a compelling and powerful application experience for your users.

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  • BlackBerry

    Private Video. Don't post if public cannot view.

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  • Amir Karimuddin

    So when will this browser be available? Can it be implemented to any version of BlackBerry OS?

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  • lou

    I can not see the video , please check it.

  • Eric at Ebscer

    100/100 on Acid3 plus HTML5 is awesome

    pan/zoom speed looks much improved as well

  • caridad santiago

    this sounds so exciting! when will this be available?!

  • David McCormack

    The support for JIL widgets is very good news indeed. Unfortunately though, the developer resources at are very poor quality. The documentation is incomplete and self-contradictory, and the emulator is so slow that it is effectively useless for any kind of serious work. I started developing a widget for JIL a few months ago but had to abandon in favour of the BB Widget spec instead. Does RIM have any plans to provide their own documentation and emulator for the JIL Widget spec?

    I'd also like to second the question from Amir regarding the OS versions for which the new browser will be available. If it will only be available in the context of an OS upgrade then this will mean that a great many BB users will never have the new browser.

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  • LL

    How does this look on the Storm?

  • Tony

    Stop teasing us and post a beta!!!! Even alpha quality code that actually renders pages would be…well useful unlike the current browser.

  • Black Berry

    Will this be available for “older” Blackberry devices (like the 8800 or the Bold 9000).

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  • Niyaz

    The video was much convincing.. I guess it might be out soon

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  • Clayton Narcis

    Any tentative date of release?

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