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We are excited to announce that the BlackBerry® Web Plug-in version 2.0 Beta1 editions of our web tooling for Eclipse® and Microsoft® Visual Studio® are now available for download. You will also notice that with this release there have been some naming changes for these two tools which show their common purpose. Beta1 of the 2.0 version continues support for debugging and profiling web sites using the BlackBerry® Browser. New to this release is the capability to also perform these web site debugging tasks on the BlackBerry® Device Software version 5.0.

The BIG news for this release is the new support for building BlackBerry® Widget projects. These tools will allow you to create BlackBerry Widgets in a much more automated manner compared to calling the BlackBerry Widget SDK via the command line. We have also added a getting started page that will appear when you start using the tooling that will connect you with the right online resources, forums and content to speed your widget development.

Both plug-ins are also designed in a manner so that when new versions of the BlackBerry Widget SDK are released, you will be able to take advantage of these updates without necessarily having to update your Eclipse or Visual Studio tooling.The BlackBerry Web Plug-in Beta1 release is specifically designed to automate the authoring, building and running of a BlackBerry Widget on a simulator within two of the most popular development environments out there.

One main feature that is not included in this Beta1 release is the official support for JavaScript® breakpoint debugging of a BlackBerry Widget. We wanted to make sure that we had the tooling in your hands as soon as possible for widget development without having to wait for all of the functionality we intend to deliver. But have no fear… Debugging is on its way!! Be sure to stay tuned for follow up Beta releases including debugging support and additional development features.

To get started with the tools, take a look at the BlackBerry Widget getting started videos for Visual Studio and Eclipse:

Create a BlackBerry Widget using the BlackBerry Web Development Plug-in for Eclipse
Create a BlackBerry Widget using the BlackBerry Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio

And don’t forget to download the new tools!

Download BlackBerry Web Plug-in for Eclipse v2.0 Beta1
Download BlackBerry Web Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio v2.0 Beta1

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