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Dev Con

The BlackBerry® Developer Conference is fast approaching, bringing with it a truckload of exciting sessions for both the experienced and budding developer. While we highly recommend you check out the Session Catalog yourself, who better to fill you in than the esteemed blogging team at the BlackBerry Developer’s Blog? Below you’ll find Director of Developer Relations Mike Kirkup’s six most exciting community related sessions.*

COM02 – Approaches to Distributing Applications on BlackBerry App World: The Successes and Approache…
Gadi brings a lot of experience in the mobile industry to a session packed with real world data on their success using BlackBerry App World™. I gained several new insights when reviewing Gadi’s slides and know that anyone looking at commercializing applications will find value in this session. If that isn’t enough, Gadi is going to show a short video that I promise will make you laugh.

COM05 – Lessons Learned – Building the 7digital Music Store
The 7Digital Music Store built by DevelopIQ has pushed the boundaries on what is possible on the BlackBerry platform in many areas and James brings this experience to you at the conference. This session does a great job of combining both the technical and business side and will provide insight into both areas.

COM08 – Mobile Application Analytics and What They Mean to You
Mobile analytics has become an incredibly hot area lately and Raphael has positioned his talk to give you an insight into their experiences with mobile analytics including why you should use them and focal points. I think Raphael’s insights into how you should consider adapting analytics from the web concepts to mobile will be very compelling.

COM10 – Advanced UI Development: Animations, Custom Layouts and Other Tricks
Peter Werry, the lead developer for Poynt, has been pushing the limits of user interface design on the BlackBerry platform for years. He shares solid tips and tricks for making really compelling UI on BlackBerry® smartphones at a technical level. Although this is an advanced session I have no doubt that developers at all levels will learn something from Peter.

COM18 – RIMUnit: A Unit-Testing Framework for Test Driven Development on the BlackBerry Smartphone
Creating a great application is more than just development – you must ensure that your users have the best possible experience. Testing is a crucial part of the release process and many developers are looking for better ways to effectively test their products without significantly increasing costs. Sina will share their experiences with the RIMUnit open source project and how it can help you with your testing efforts.

COM22 – Developing High-Performing Web Applications with Gears and Widget Technology
Last, but certainly not least, is the Widget focused session from the folks at Toumetis who have been working closely with RIM to leverage these new capabilities. Andrew and Mark will show you not only the success they have seen using Widgets but how you can get started right now.

Post a comment and let us know which sessions you’re excited for. We hope to see you there!

*Bloggers were not allowed to choose sessions they are running. Not even Mike.

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