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One important announcement from the BlackBerry® Developer Conference that we didn’t want to go overlooked on the BlackBerry Developer’s Blog was the release of BlackBerry® Theme Studio v5.0. Because the new version of BlackBerry Theme Studio makes it easier for BlackBerry® smartphone users to build their own BlackBerry themes, our friend Mark Rathwell (Product Manager, BlackBerry Application Platform) has been blogging some great posts on the Inside BlackBerry blog. Of course, we couldn’t leave the BlackBerry developer community hanging, so below is a brief conversation I was able to have with Mark in San Francisco.

Explain the BlackBerry Theme Studio announcement in a nutshell.

The BlackBerry developer community has really been excited about using BlackBerry themes to personalize their BlackBerry experience. We wanted to do more to help our community of users in this respect so we’re announcing two things today. First, we’re now accepting themes in BlackBerry App World™. We’ll launch the category to consumers in December but theme creators can submit their themes starting today.

Second, we’re announcing BlackBerry Theme Studio v5.0, the next version of the product formerly known as the Plazmic Content Developer’s Kit – or ‘CDK’ for short. We wanted to have a great new version of the product with some killer new features like adding ringtones and screen transitions and making themes for the new BlackBerry® Bold™ 9700 and BlackBerry® Storm2™ smartphones. We also wanted to make the theme creation process even easier and we’ve got some great new enhancements here as well.

Why should the BlackBerry developer community be excited?

It’s generally far faster to make a theme than an app, especially due to the new BlackBerry Theme Studio 5.0, so it can be a lower development cost. The prices themes command are often comparable to an application and consumers want them. The BlackBerry Theme Studio v5.0 and BlackBerry App World announcements give developers the tool and the distribution channel too. Plus, you can use themes to market your apps, company and products etc.

If you’re interested in learning more about BlackBerry theme creation, make sure to check out these two exciting Inside BlackBerry posts!

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