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Along with all of the other great events happening at the 2009 BlackBerry® Developer Conference, attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to be among the first to take the (BCP-810) Developing Applications for the BlackBerry solution exam; the first step in becoming a BlackBerry Certified Application Developer!

To become certified, developers will need to complete 2 exams: (BCP-810) Developing Applications for the BlackBerry Solution and either (BCP-811) Developing Java Applications for the BlackBerry Platform or (BCP-812) Developing Web Applications for the BlackBerry Platform.

BlackBerry Developer Certification will take place throughout the BlackBerry Developer Conference. Attendees will receive a 50% discount to write the first exam (BCP-810) while at the conference and if they pass, they will also receive a 50% off voucher to attempt either (BCP-811) or (BCP-812) after the conference.

Space is limited, so be sure to register early to secure your spot by adding a BlackBerry Certification Test when you register for the conference. If you’re already registered, you can log back in to the registration system to add it.

The (BCP-810) Developing Applications for the BlackBerry Solution exam is broken down in to 7 sections, each with an assigned weight.

Section 1 – BlackBerry Device Capabilities (8%)

Do you know all of the BlackBerry native applications and hardware features (such as GPS, microSD™, camera, etc.) available on BlackBerry smartphones and how to integrate with them?

Section 2 – Infrastructure for BlackBerry (9%)

An understanding of “push”, the different transport types available to the device and the features of the BlackBerry® Internet Service and BlackBerry® Enterprise Server architectures are fundamental for all BlackBerry developers.

Please note that beginning in 5.0, Direct TCP is referred to as TCP Cellular and Wi-Fi as TCP Wi-Fi®.

Section 3 – High Level Application Design (10%)

You should understand the constraints of mobile devices and the best practices for designing user interfaces on BlackBerry smartphones. You should also know how to map application business requirements to the appropriate BlackBerry platform (Java or Web) features to create efficient and intuitive applications.

Section 4 – BlackBerry Simulation Tools (30%)

Do you know how the features and limitations of BlackBerry Smartphone Simulators and how to use them. Can you operate both the BlackBerry MDS-CS simulator and the ESS simulator?

Section 5 – BlackBerry Security (15%)

IT policies, application control policies code signing keys and more. You should know all of the key security features in the BlackBerry development environment and their impact on BlackBerry applications.

Section 6 – Deployment (14%)

There are many different ways to distribute your BlackBerry application. Do you know the pros and cons and the files necessary for of each approach?

Section 7 – Development Tools (14%)

Research In Motion (RIM) provides free development tools for creating, debugging and optimizing BlackBerry applications. Knowing the differences between the tools and their major features is essential.

BCX-810 Practice Test

Think you’re ready for the exam? Check out the online practice quiz and stay tuned for part II of this blog post where we’ll provide links to some great BlackBerry® Developer Zone resources and also information on relevant BlackBerry Developer Conference sessions that will help you to brush up your skills.

In the meantime, you can find out more information about the BlackBerry Certified Application Developer including exam guides, certification procedures and suggested training at the BlackBerry Certification Program web site. Good luck!

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