Build your own BlackBerry Developer Conference Avatar!

Dev Con

Can you spot the Research In Motion (RIM) employees in the image above? If you can, make sure to say hi to them at the BlackBerry Developer Conference!

For the 2009 BlackBerry® Developer Conference, we’re asking developers to come build with us. But each building begins with a solid foundation, and what could be better than a foundation of personalized BlackBerry Developer Conference avatars? The BlackBerry Developer Conference avatar is not only a perfect fit for a BlackBerry® Messenger or BlackBerry® Support Forums profile image, it’s also a stylish way to express your inner builder at the Developer Conference! From now until November 2nd, we’re offering developers the ability to pick up their very own customized avatar tee shirt at the start of the conference. So what are you waiting for? Start building your avatar now!

Build your own BlackBerry Developer Conference Avatar

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