Bloggers Pick: Widget Presentations at Dev Con (Prosanta)

Dev Con

The BlackBerry Developer Conference is fast approaching, bringing with it a truckload of exciting sessions for both the experienced and budding developer. While we highly recommend you check out the Session Catalog yourself, who better to fill you in than the esteemed blogging team at the BlackBerry® Developer’s Blog? Below you’ll find Application Development Consultant Prosanta Bhattacherjee’s three most exciting sessions for BlackBerry Widget Development.*

Developing High Performing Web Applications with Gears and Widget Technolgoy
With the advancement of Gears and the integration into BlackBerry Widgets, this technology will prove to be of the utmost importance to BlackBerry Widget developers, and can lead to rich and compelling applications.  Mark Willnerd and Andrew Terry from Toumetis will go over the use of persistent store, notifications and background processing in a BlackBerry Widget application.  I’m sure it will be an incredibly informative presentation and one that I’ll be looking forward to during the conference.  This presentation will take place on Tuesday Nov 10, at 11:00 AM held at Yerba Buena 14 & 15.

Looking Ahead: Next Generation Web APIs
Tim Neil will go over future plans for APIs, and give us a better insight into what the future of BlackBerry Widgets holds.  He’ll share how we’re working to improve on the existing set of APIsto further help developers create great BlackBerry Widget applications.  I’m very excited about how the BlackBerry Widget platform will continue to evolve over time and continue to improve to meet the needs of the community.  You can catch this presentation on Wednesday Nov 11, at 3:15 PM held at Yerba Buena 3 & 4.

Integrating Widgets with Native Applications
This is an incredibly powerful feature of the BlackBerry Widget platform.  Chris Del Col will discuss how to seamlessly integrate your BlackBerry Widget with the native applications on the BlackBerry®smartphone to create a rich and powerful experience for your end user.  He will go over how to interact with the home screen to give your application a truly native feel, as well as discuss how to work with third party applications to integrate your application seamlessly.  Chris will be leading this session on Monday Nov 9, at 2:30 PM held at Yerba Buena 3 & 4.

Post a comment and let us know which sessions you’re excited for. We hope to see you there!

*Bloggers were not allowed to choose sessions that they are running.

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