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Dev Con

The BlackBerry Developer Conference is fast approaching, bringing with it a truckload of exciting sessions for both the experienced and budding developer. While we highly recommend you check out the Session Catalog yourself, who better to fill you in than the esteemed blogging team at the BlackBerry® Developer’s Blog? Below you’ll find Application Development Consultant Adam Stanley’s three most exciting sessions regarding BlackBerry Web Development.*

DEV37 – Looking Ahead: Next Generation Web APIs
Research In Motion is committed to providing ongoing enhancements to the BlackBerry Web Development platform. Tim Neil, Manager of the BlackBerry Development Tools at RIM, will be sharing insights into the next generation of BlackBerry Web APIs and Web development products. Knowing Tim’s enthusiasm for this topic, I expect this session to be an exciting opportunity for developers to learn about and contribute ideas to the future direction of BlackBerry Web Development. I’m eager to see how members of the community respond to the content delivered in this session and hear more about what they wish to see in the future of developing web applications for BlackBerry.

COM20 – Creating Unique and Effective Mobile Web Applications
Trevor Chong from TSR Gym Technik will be presenting an introductory session on BlackBerry Web Development and sharing some of the innovation solutions they delivered during the development of their Gym Technik web application.

I think it will be a refreshing experience to see his perspective on content and development practices. I see this session as an opportunity to identify where RIM is doing a good job at providing developers with the learning resources they need, but also to recognize any opportunities for improvements. It’s for these reasons that I really love hearing feedback from the development community and think this session will be a really great experience for everyone, not just myself.

COM24 – Beyond the BlackBerry Smartphone: Using PhoneGap and Other Strategies to Deploy Applications…
I’ve been actively following the growth and adoption of the various community-driven development frameworks such as PhoneGap, Rhomobile, JIL, etc. Using these frameworks, a developer writes code for their application in one language (usually by using web technologies) and the framework provides a mechanism for it to be compiled into different applications for different smartphone platforms. It’s a very interesting concept and has captured the attention of many members of the mobile development community.

Jim Rohrer, president of Elegant Technologies, will be presenting a high-level comparison of the different cross-platform strategies with a focus on the PhoneGap project and a case study about his attempts to publish an app using this framework on multiple platforms.

I can’t wait to hear what Jim has to say. I’m sure we will hear lots about the benefits of using PhoneGap, but I’m also interested to hear more about the challenges and barriers he faced during his development.

Post a comment and let us know which sessions you’re excited for. We hope to see you there!
*Bloggers were not allowed to choose sessions that they are running.

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