Bloggers Pick: Enterprise Presentations at Dev Con (Tim Windsor)

Dev Con

The BlackBerry® Developer Conference is fast approaching, bringing with it a truckload of exciting sessions for both the experienced and budding developer. While we highly recommend you check out the Session Catalog yourself, who better to fill you in than the esteemed blogging team at the BlackBerry Developer’s Blog? Below you’ll find Application Development Consultant Tim Windsor’s three most exciting enterprise related sessions.*

DEV11 Hidden Gems – Little Known, But Highly Useful BlackBerry Java APIs and BlackBerry JDE Features
Personally, I always enjoying finding those little known APIs that I might have overlooked, but fit some perfect niche when I know what they can be used for. I’ve also known Denver for several years and he has the attention to detail, passion for programming and good API development that ensures this will be a great session. Expect to leave with new tools to enhance the overall performance and construction quality of your apps.

DEV14 The Cutting Edge of User Interface Design
This session is going to be very cool. Enterprise apps today require a high quality user experience in order to be successful, in much the same way that consumer apps have always needed a bit of ‘flare’. Users expect a great deal of polish and ease of use. Here you can expect the very best of what is possible: they are here to show you how to make your apps look incredible. If there’s any room at all, I’m going to be sneaking in the back.

DEV17 Deliver the Complete BlackBerry Smartphone Experience: Integrating Your Applications with Nati…
One area that I’ve frequently seen done minimally is integration with the core apps or using the core apps to do their part while the 3rd party app handles its niche. It’s a significantly better user experience to leverage the core apps as users are comfortable with them and they’ve undergone years of user experience refinements. Of course, if you don’t have to write the same features into your app, that will save valuable time. Cassidy will also be talking about some of the excellent new APIs in BlackBerry OS 5.0 which have been high on the developer community’s wish list. These APIs will allow you to bring core features and data into your apps easily – again saving time and maintaining a consistent experience. Overall, this session is going to help you make an application that fits with the other core apps so your users get the best experience on their BlackBerry smartphone, and that’s key to any successful app.

Post a comment and let us know which sessions you’re excited for. We hope to see you there!
*Bloggers were not allowed to choose sessions that they are running.

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