BlackBerry Storm2 Smartphone with BlackBerry OS 5 – what developers need to know!


With the recent announcement of the BlackBerry® Storm2™ smartphone, I wanted to provide you with an overview of the device from the perspective of the developer to help you understand what opportunities this new smartphone opens up for you.

The BlackBerry Storm2 is the first BlackBerry® smartphone to ship with the new BlackBerry® Device Software v 5.0, which includes a variety of new enhancements for end users.  For developers, there are substantial improvements across the board which we have been covering on the blog for some time now.

For Java, you can find a great post outlining all of the new APIs and features in BlackBerry Device Software v5.0.

For Widgets, check out this great post introducing this new technology and stay tuned for additional posts that will dive deeper on the power of widgets on the BlackBerry platform.

Like the original BlackBerry® Storm™, there are two models of the Storm2 – one designed for North American CDMA networks and one for the rest of the world.  Both products support GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA with the CDMA product also supporting CDMA/EVDO.  This means the product supports 3G networks worldwide. From a developer’s perspective, here is what you need to know about the new BlackBerry Storm2.

• Navigation with SurePress™ touch screen
• 480 x 360 screen resolution
• 3.2 MP Camera with Auto Focus
• Location Support with Assisted and Autonomous GPS
• Wi-Fi® Support – 802.11b/g
• 256MB Flash Memory (Application Space), 2GB embedded MMC, and microSD™ Support (up to 16GB today and supporting the specification for 32GB cards when they become available)

We are really excited about the launch of the BlackBerry Storm2 smartphone and the new applications that are possible on the platform.  Get started now by checking out the developer tools on our beta website!

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