BlackBerry Knowledge Base Fridays: Week of October 2nd


Welcome to BlackBerry Knowledge Base Fridays, a reoccurring event here on the BlackBerry Developer’s Blog. Each Friday we’ll keep you up to date on helpful articles that have been added to the Developer Knowledge Base. Here are this week’s spoils:

What Is – Different ways to make an HTTP or socket connection (update)
How To – Use a background image in application screens
How To – Interface with BlackBerry App World
How To – Display PME animations on a scrollable screen
How To – Create graph fields
What Is – Changes in BlackBerry® Smartphone Simulator 5.0
How To – Avoid a memory leak when grouping Persistent objects
What Is – Media button key codes
How To – Invoke BlackBerry App World from a web page
How To – Develop and submit localized applications to the BlackBerry App World storefront
Support – Virtual keyboard is not cleared when overriding the onFocusNotify method for a Screen

Tune in next week for more Knowledge Base Friday fun, and don’t forget to post a comment about your favorite article!

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