BlackBerry Developer Community Kudos Mondays: Thanksgiving Edition


Not even Canadian Thanksgiving can stop BlackBerry® Developer Community Kudos Mondays (even if it’s Wednesday), a reoccurring event here on the BlackBerry Developer’s Blog designed to pay respect to the tireless and obliging citizens of the BlackBerry Support Community Forums. Here are this week’s Kudo leaders:

Top Ten Kudoed Authors in BlackBerry Development

  1. peter_strange Expert II 29 Kudos
  2. simon_hain Expert I 20 Kudos
  3. navan1983 Regular Contributor 15 Kudos
  4. BBDeveloper Expert II 13 Kudos
  5. klyubin Super Contributor 11 Kudos
  6. RexDoug Expert I 9 Kudos
  7. johnbibs  Specialist I 4 Kudos
  8. paulhaenel Regular Contributor 4 Kudos
  9. tom_s Contributor 4 Kudos
  10. tbilisoft Elite I 3 Kudos

Top Ten Kudoed Authors in Java Development

  1. peter_strange Expert II 20 Kudos
  2. simon_hain Expert I 20 Kudos
  3. BBDeveloper Expert II 13 Kudos
  4. klyubin Super Contributor 11 Kudos
  5. RexDoug Expert I 9 Kudos
  6. johnbibs  Specialist I 4 Kudos
  7. paulhaenel Regular Contributor 4 Kudos
  8. tom_s Contributor 4 Kudos
  9. martijnbrinkers Regular Contributor 3 Kudos
  10. tbilisoft Elite I 3 Kudos

Top Five Kudoed Authors in Web Development

  1. navan1983 Regular Contributor 15 Kudos
  2. abarber Regular Contributor 1 Kudos
  3. amsiddh Contributor 1 Kudos
  4. Xandrex Elite II 1 Kudos
  5. Jwargo Super Contributor 1 Kudos

Make sure to post a comment giving thanks to the users mentioned above, and remember to keep posting good posts. It’s the only way to make these lists!

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