Come join us at WIPJAM at CTIA!


We are very excited to be participating in the WIPJAM event at CTIA on Thursday, October 8th.  We had a lot of fun at the previous WIPJAM event in April and even won the bowling challenge in the evening!

IPJAM is continuing its “unpanel” format again and we are excited to be leading a discussion on “Addictive Applications”. Here’s the discussion description:

Addictive Applications

What makes an application addictive? What separates the ones that get downloaded once and forgotten from the ones that get downloaded first every time? We’ll talk about the features and technologies that make good apps addictive, and how you can use them to pull users in and keep them hooked.

WIPJAM is a free, invitation-only event.  Make sure to check out the complete event roster and request an invitation.  Note that you must be registered for CTIA to gain access to the WIPJAM event. We hope to see you there!

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