How-To Develop Applications for different BlackBerry Device Software versions and BlackBerry Smartphone Models


One of the best resources for new BlackBerry® developers is the BlackBerry Knowledge Base, a database of great technical articles on various aspects of the BlackBerry platform. Among the BlackBerry Developer Relations team, particularly useful Knowledge Base articles receive a lot of attention and get passed around faster than a good joke. My good buddy Neil tipped me off to this Knowledge Base article he’s been fond of lately, entitled “How-To Develop Applications for different BlackBerry® Device Software versions and BlackBerry Smartp…” Check out the article abstract below:

This article discusses how to develop applications for different BlackBerry Device Software versions and BlackBerry smartphone models without restricting the application to the lowest common functionality. A number of methods are shown allowing access to the latest application programming interfaces (APIs). The following is an outline of the topics in this article.


  • Forward compatibility of BlackBerry Device Software versions
  • Best practices for BlackBerry® Java® Development Environment builds

Approaches to Minimize Code Variations

  • Selecting alternate String properties
  • Including multiple methods and using separate compilers
  • Using libraries to support different implementations
  • Using libraries to support incremental functionality
  • Using the preprocessor to target new APIs from one source


  • A: Determining BlackBerry smartphone model and code level
  • B: Managing installation of multiple builds

Post a comment if you found this Knowledge Base article useful, or if there are any other Knowledge Base articles we should talk about.

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