BlackBerry Storm Development Getting Started Links


New BlackBerry® smartphone releases can prompt a whole new set of development requirements and best practices in order to maximize software potential for that device; this is a development reality. So we’ve put together a list of handy links to help educate developers on the BlackBerry® Storm™, the first touchscreen BlackBerry smartphone. These should be useful for both new BlackBerry developers and BlackBerry developers new to the BlackBerry Storm. Check them out below!

BlackBerry® Java® Development Environment Fundamentals Guide – OS 4.7.0
One of the most important reference guides for BlackBerry developers, covering all fundamental areas of BlackBerry development for OS 4.7.0.

BlackBerry Developer Guide (PDF)
An extension of the BlackBerry Java Development Environment Fundamentals Guide that covers additional topics for BlackBerry developers.

BlackBerry Developer Newsletter featuring BlackBerry Storm Development
A MUST READ for BlackBerry Storm development information. Includes tips and tricks, video tutorials and the ever popular Open Mike with Mike Kirkup podcast!

Please post a comment below if you find these resources helpful, or if you have any additional BlackBerry Storm questions.

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