BlackBerry Java Application Development v5.0 Beta now live!

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I am happy to announce that updated versions of the BlackBerry® Java® Application Development tools are available for download on BlackBerry® Developer Zone, including the BlackBerry® Java Development Environment Plug-in for Eclipse and the BlackBerry® Java Development Environment. The BlackBerry Java Application Development v5.0 Beta 3 release builds on the previous beta releases available to the community and adds several new APIs and features including:

Contact Linking API
Allows third-party applications to link into address book contacts and to provide their own custom data.
Push API
Makes using Push APIs even easier and more powerful for developers.
Location picker
Allows the user to select a location source such as their current location via GPS or a recently selected location.
Menu customization Allows for easy UI customization of menu attributes such as background, border and font changes.
AbsoluteFieldManager Allows for placement of fields at specific x, y positions on-screen rather than in relation to surrounding fields. Also allows for overlapping fields.
PictureScrollField Draws a row of images that can be scrolled through from side to side using trackball or touch gestures.
EyelidFieldManager Easily display text or static images for a defined period of time on top of existing UI objects.
ZoomScreen Ability to zoom-in and pan around images. Also supports multi-touch.
Image API
(via net.rim.device.api.ui.Image
and net.rim.device.api.ui.ImageFactory)
A single container for representing images at an agnostic level to hold bitmaps, PNGs, and other items.
Widget Extension API
(via net.rim.device.api.web.*
and net.rim.device.api.web.jse.*)
Ability to register third-party Javascript® extensions to expose your own custom Java implementations for Web applications.

Each of these new APIs is in addition to an already exciting list of new features and APIs as outlined in the Beta 3 release notes. I would love to hear what you think of the new BlackBerry Java Application Development v5.0 Beta 3 and to get your feedback on the APIs.

Download BlackBerry Java Application Development v5.0 Beta 3
BlackBerry Java Application Development v5.0 Beta 3 release notes

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