BlackBerry Browser Embedded Media Content Automatic Playback How-To


I am often asked by web developers “How can I use multimedia to offer a better experience for my users?” The most common method is to provide a link to the audio or video content that allows the user to download the file and play it back using the BlackBerry® Media Player. This requires the user to wait for the content to download (at least partially when using progressive download) and launching a new application. However, embedding audio or video playback within the browser session itself is a much better technique and provides a more seamless user experience.

To embed the multimedia file directly into your web page, use the “object” HTML element to specify the embedded object including the type tag specifying the mime type of the media you are trying to show. In the BlackBerry® Browser v4.6.0, the embedded media capability is enabled by default and there is a wide range of support for media types. Prior to v4.6.0, the end user must enable the embedded media option as shown in the Options screenshot below. A list of all supported media types on each device can be found at the link below.

BlackBerry Browser supported media types

A sample usage of the “object” tag within your webpage is:

The “object” element has a very broad set of attributes that you can use to customize the end user experience with more information, as outlined in the HTML “object” reference guide on BlackBerry.

Using this technique, your customers have an improved user experience, without the need to switch to another application, while hearing the multimedia content as soon as possible. Are your customers rocking out using this technique?

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  • Anonymous

    How do you do this on browsers older than 4.6?

  • thetoine

    Is there anyway to avoid autoplay on video object?

    autoplay=”false” is not working, neither .


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